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El Salvador Real Estate
Information about El Salvador
El Salvador
El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. It borders the Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras. It lies on the Gulf of Fonseca, as does Nicaragua further south. It has a population of approximately 6 million people (May 2007 Census) on 21,000 km2. The capital city of San Salvador is the most important metropolis of the republic. El Salvador eliminated its currency, the colón, and adopted the U.S. dollar... in 2001.

El Salvador has a tropical climate with pronounced wet and dry seasons. Temperatures vary primarily with elevation and show little seasonal change. The Pacific lowlands are uniformly hot; the central plateau and mountain areas are more moderate. The rainy season extends from May to October. Almost all the annual rainfall occurs during this time, and yearly totals, particularly on southern-facing mountain slopes, can be as high as 217 centimeters (85 in). Protected areas and the central plateau receive less, although still significant, amounts. Rainfall during this season generally comes from low pressure over the Pacific and usually falls in heavy afternoon thunderstorms.


San Salvador
San Salvador is the capital and largest city of the nation of El Salvador. The second most populous city in Central America, after Guatemala City, and the metro covers an area of 568 km² (220 sq mi) and is home to nearly 1.6 million people. Home to one-half of El Salvador's wealth, the city's per capita GDP - PPP is approximately USD11,200, compared to a national average of USD5,260 (2002).
Biggest cities
Soyapango is a municipality in the San Salvador department of El Salvador. Soyapango is a commercial center; it is home to a new modern mall called Plaza Mundo. The municipality is the second most populated area in the country, with 290,412 inhabitants. Soyapango is a main thoroughfare between San Salvador and the eastern part of the country, and nearly 70,000 vehicles travel through it every day. The nickname for this small city is Soya. It is famous for being a Mara Salvatrucha stronghold.
Santa Ana
Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador, located 64 kilometers west of San Salvador, the capital city. Santa Ana has approximately 274,830 (2006) inhabitants and serves both as the capital of the department of Santa Ana and as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipality of the same name. For its administration the municipality is divided into 35 colonias (neighborhoods) and 318 small villages. A major processing center for El Salvador's sizable coffee industry is located near Santa Ana. Currently, the mayor of Santa Ana is Francisco Polanco, from the FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front), a left-wing political party.
San Miguel
San Miguel is the fourth most populous city in El Salvador after Santa Ana and Soyapango and the second most important after San Salvador. It is located 138 km east of the capital, San Salvador. It is also the capital of the department of San Miguel and a municipality. The population of the city in (2007) was 218,410 .
Mejicanos is a town in the San Salvador department of El Salvador. Mejicanos is a city located in San Salvador, El Salvador. At the 2007 census it had 140,751 inhabitants. It has been characterized by its typical food "Yuca Frita con Merienda". It has a municipal market, where the local citizens can buy groceries, vegetables, diary products, meat, pupusas, etc. Many of the things available in the local market are produced in the surrounding villages, like vegetables. It is located in a strategic point because is in the main route to other towns or municipalities, like Cuscatancingo, Mariona, San Ramon, San Salvador, etc. However it has-single lane roads, which accounts for the frequent traffic jams in the center of the city. It has always been characterized by being a disorganized city, like other cities in El Salvador. Even though it has a municipal market people use the streets to sell their products.
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